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Come visit us for an elevated, made from scratch lineup of scones, mini loaves, cookies, breads, rolls, sweet charcuterie boxes, and edible activity kits catering towards seasonal flavors and changing holidays.


Cinnamon Twist Bread

Breads, Loaves, Rolls,
and More

Dill Cheddar Scones

Scones, Cookies, Mini Loaves

Sweet Dessert Charcuterie Box

Indulge in Our Sweet Charcuterie Boxes

Our Story

First as friends and now as business partners, Teresa and Ashley have worked together on numerous projects and are the perfect combination of yin and yang. They have established such a smooth relationship that they both understand the other better than themselves. As two pieces of the same pie, together they will make Gather Bakery a success. Their extensive experience working in a kitchen together, already doing exactly this - Gather Around the Kitchen Table, just on a smaller scale - makes it a no-brainer for them to open Gather Bakery as a team. 

The Owners

Our Menu

The menu at Gather Bakery Spruce Grove will have a seasonal flair with flavors changing with different celebrations. Effortlessly going from one holiday into another will provide an expansive, elevated and unique menu that is always customizing, changing and adapting to indulge our customers.


Indulge in the Simple Pleasures of Life

At Gather Bakery

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