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About Gather Bakery

Gather Bakery is a made-from-scratch bakery that takes pride in creating a lineup of elevated scones, mini loaves, cookies, breads, rolls, sweet charcuterie boxes, and edible activity kit options as well as in-house made products such as chocolate dipped candy, biscotti, spice mixes, and granola presented in an elevated rustic environment. Our focus is on seasonal flavors changing with holiday celebrations. Our team is dedicated to providing our customers with the freshest and highest quality baked goods. Visit us and experience the difference that comes from using only the best ingredients.

Our Menu

At Gather Bakery, we believe that every baked good should be made from scratch with the freshest ingredients. Our menu features a variety of scones, mini loaves, cookies, breads, rolls, sweet charcuterie boxes, and edible activity kits. Each item is made with care and attention to detail. From classic flavors to unique seasonal twists, there is something for everyone at Gather Bakery. Come in and try our products today!

Gingerbread House Kit

How it started

Teresa’s home had always been a “gathering” place where friends and family stopped by and collected for special celebrations. At Christmas time 2020, the concept of Gather started as a positive side effect from Covid-19. Instead of being able to get together with family friends for their annual gingerbread house baking and decorating, Teresa put together kits that included everything friends would need to do the same at their home making it possible to still GATHER for quality family time but at a safe distance that at the time was needed.

With a national gingerbread house kit shortage, more friends found out about Teresa’s delicious, gingerbread houses and the demand grew. With just a few posts on local buy and sell groups and social media, Teresa’s family was producing kits that included the gingerbread house, icing and candy by the dozens daily leading right up to Christmas.

In 2021, Teresa brought in Ashley’s assistance and expanded into dessert charcuterie boxes, custom cakes and cupcakes, a variety of cookie kits and seasonal treats. We sold chocolate dipped candy, perfected the world's best brownies, whoopie pies and of course stayed true to our delicious homemade gingerbread houses. Although they were also adapted into chocolate sugar cookie Halloween houses, adorable green leprechaun shacks, cupid red velvet cabins, vanilla beach huts and more. We became incredibly aware of how beneficial it was for us to move through each season and holiday prepared and to continue to diversify our menu options through each.


In no time, they outgrew the home bakery, making them incredibly determined to bring Gather Bakery to life on a much bigger sale.  

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